Al Futtaim Group, a titan in the retail landscape across the Middle East and Southeast Asia (MENA & SEA), sought to conquer the digital realm. With diverse brands and a sprawling footprint, they needed a strategy to bring their physical and online worlds together for customers everywhere. Their vision was ambitious – to establish a unified, robust eCommerce platform and marketplace, future-proofed for continuous growth.


Al Futtaim Group partnered with DigitalWorks on their digital expedition. With our team, armed with expertise in product strategy, technology, and regional nuances, they embarked on a journey to scale new digital heights.

Charting the Course

  • We collaborated with Al Futtaim's leadership, meticulously crafting a product roadmap aligned with their strategic goals by figuring out what people wanted and what worked online across their region. We delved into market trends, competitor analysis, and customer insights across the MENA & SEA landscape.
  • We planned a powerful online store, choosing the best technology for speed and growth. We also helped them move to the cloud to ensure agility and cost-efficiency.
  • We envisioned and blueprinted a growing marketplace, catering to diverse product lines and regional differences. The operating model between various stakeholders – WebOps, DevOps, third-party developers, and brand teams – was meticulously defined for seamless collaboration for everyone involved to work together smoothly.

Building the Foundation

  • Our team of product experts guided Al Futtaim in defining a clear product strategy and roadmap, helping them decide what to do next online, step-by-step, to reach their goals, all while ensuring that each step aligned with their vision and market demands.
  • We used our knowledge of the region to recommend the best technology for their eCommerce platform and marketplace. Cloud migration strategies were implemented, ensuring agility and scalability.
  • We defined a clear operating model, setting rules on how different teams would work together, so things would run smoothly and quickly change if needed. This fostered a culture of agility and efficiency, enabling swift adaptation to market shifts.

Reaching New Peaks

  • The unified eCommerce platform and marketplace provided a seamless omnichannel experience for customers across the region. They could now browse, compare, and purchase products with ease, fostering brand loyalty and satisfaction.
  • The well-defined operating model optimized internal workflows and helped everyone work together better, so they could react quickly to new opportunities and customer needs.
  • The scalable platform and marketplace laid a solid foundation for Al Futtaim's continued digital expansion and were built to grow and change as technology and customers' needs do.
The Al Futtaim Group and DigitalWorks partnership is a testament to the power of collaboration and strategic vision. Together, we scaled the digital mountain, transforming their retail landscape and paving the way for continued growth in the ever-evolving digital age.
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