Fenix Outdoor, a global leader in outdoor gear, craved to scale new digital heights. With 10 brands under their wing, they needed a plan to reach everyone, everywhere. Their ambitious vision stretched across continents, encompassing both Europe and the USA. They needed a roadmap to conquer the digital terrain, encompassing eCommerce projects (B2B & B2C), and a partner to guide them every step of the way.


DigitalWorks joined forces with Fenix Outdoor, bringing our expertise in what to sell, how to sell it, and the tech to make it happen. We became their trusted guide, mapping their path to digital dominance.

Mapping the Terrain

  • To see the big picture, we teamed up with Fenix Outdoor's leaders, learning about their goals. Together, we explored local trends, what people wanted, and what worked across both continents.
  • We built a digital strategy that transcended borders and worked everywhere, from global ideas to local needs. This ensured scalability, efficiency, and regional relevance while letting each brand shine brightly within the broader Fenix constellation.
  • By looking closely, into regional insights, we unearthed hidden revenue opportunities, that were meticulously integrated into the digital strategy, along with explorations of innovative technologies and strategic optimization of existing platforms.

Building the Base Camp

  • We played a pivotal role in architecting Fenix Outdoor's next-generation digital strategy. This blueprint included figuring out what features mattered most, making things easy to use, and keeping everything aligned with their goals.
  • We helped central and local teams work better together, fostering a culture of knowledge sharing and collaboration. This meant being quick to adapt to what people wanted in different places, keeping Fenix nimble on its feet.

Reaching the Summit

  • Fenix Outdoor's new digital strategy is built to last and grow. It's flexible and efficient, ready for whatever the digital world throws their way.
  • The central and local teams can now react faster to new opportunities, wherever they are as a result of the optimized collaboration between them. This united front drives Fenix towards new heights.
  • Strategic technology investments and app innovations have helped Fenix Outdoor with enhanced revenue opportunities and to connect better with customers. Every click is a step closer to the top.
The partnership between Fenix Outdoor and DigitalWorks is a story of success. It shows the power of tech and smart business advice, blending global ideas with local know-how. Together, we've painted a bright digital future for Fenix Outdoor, helping them become champions of the digital world.
Do you think it's time to climb your own digital mountain? DigitalWorks is your guide, with the tools and expertise to help you reach the peak. Contact us today and start your ascent!
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