Magrabi, a beacon in the eyewear industry, wasn't content with just good vision. They craved digital clarity, yearning to illuminate their path in the ever-evolving online landscape. With a legacy spanning the UAE and KSA, they sought a cohesive strategy to amplify their brand presence and cater to the discerning needs of customers across both regions. Their vision was nothing short of groundbreaking – to forge a unified digital experience encompassing eCommerce, mobile app, and in-store innovations, solidifying their position as a leader in the ever-changing digital eye care scene.


Enter DigitalWorks, their trusted guide on this transformative digital journey. Our seasoned team, armed with expertise in product strategy, technology, and regional nuances, became their partners in illuminating the path ahead.

Seeing the Bigger Picture

  • We collaborated with Magrabi's Chief Digital Officer, crafting a digital strategy that mirrored their aspirations. Every pixel, every interaction, had to embody their vision.
  • Delving into market trends, competitor analysis, and customer demands across the UAE and KSA, we ensured the strategy resonated with both regional nuances and global trends. No stone was left unturned in understanding what made their customers tick.
  • We blueprinted a comprehensive roadmap encompassing seamless eCommerce experiences, a user-friendly mobile app, and engaging in-store digital integrations. It wasn't just about individual channels; it was about creating a harmonious omnichannel journey that felt effortless.

Laying a Solid Foundation

  • Our product experts guided Magrabi in defining a clear product roadmap, outlining prioritized milestones and ensuring each step aligned with their overall vision and market demands. No detours or dead ends – just a clear path to digital success.
  • Leading both internal and external teams across product, design, project management, and engineering, we fostered a collaborative environment, driving efficient execution of the roadmap. Togetherness truly is strength.
  • Leveraging our regional expertise, we recommended the most suitable technology stack for each digital touchpoint, ensuring scalability, performance, and a seamless user experience. The right tools in the right hands make all the difference.

Reaping the Rewards

  • The robust eCommerce platform empowered customers with a convenient and personalized shopping experience, fostering brand loyalty and satisfaction. Buying glasses shouldn't be an eye strain!
  • The intuitive mobile app offered on-the-go access to products, services, and appointments, enhancing customer engagement and brand accessibility. Information and appointments, all just a tap away.
  • Innovative digital integrations within stores streamlined operations, provided interactive product information, and personalized customer interactions. The physical and digital worlds, seamlessly intertwined.
  • The scalable and adaptable digital infrastructure laid a solid foundation for Magrabi's continued growth, enabling them to seamlessly adapt to future market shifts and customer needs. A foundation that could weather any digital storm.
The Magrabi and DigitalWorks partnership exemplifies the power of collaboration and a strategic vision. Together, we illuminated a brighter digital future for Magrabi, solidifying their presence as a leading innovator in the ever-evolving eye care landscape.
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