Sephora, the global beauty leader, wanted to make an impact with their presence in the Middle East. They needed a future-proof digital strategy that could seamlessly integrate regional needs with global vision, leverage centralized and local resources efficiently and was as dazzling as their eyeshadow palettes – sustainable, efficient, and bursting with revenue potential.


Sephora partnered with DigitalWorks to orchestrate a comprehensive transformation through a holistic approach, encompassing product strategy, product management, and technology advisory.

Strategizing for Growth

  • We collaborated with Sephora's leadership to define their desired future state in the MENA region. This involved understanding local nuances, consumer preferences, and market trends.
  • We designed a unified digital strategy that bridged the gap between central directives and local realities. This ensured scalability, efficiency, and regional relevance.
  • We identified key revenue opportunities based on regional insights and leveraged them into the digital strategy. This included exploring innovative technologies and optimizing existing platforms.

Blueprint for Innovation

  • We were instrumental in blueprinting Sephora's new-age digital strategy. This involved prioritizing features, ensuring a seamless user experience, and aligning with the overall digital vision.
  • We designed new ways of working between central and local teams, fostering an environment of collaboration and knowledge sharing. This ensured agile execution and rapid adaptation to regional demands.

The Dazzling Results

  • Sephora's new digital strategy is future-proofed for long-term growth and expansion. The focus on efficiency and adaptability ensures ongoing relevance in the rapidly evolving digital landscape.
  • The optimized collaboration between central and local teams has unlocked greater agility and responsiveness to regional opportunities.
  • Leveraging strategic technology investments and app innovations has led to increased revenue opportunities and enhanced customer engagement.
The transformative partnership between Sephora and Digital Works in MENA is a testament to the power of technology and strategic business advisory. By seamlessly blending global vision with local brilliance, we have painted a shimmering digital future for Sephora, ensuring their reign as the undisputed beauty leader in the region.
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